EU Airlines Is Now Compensating Passengers For Delayed and Cancelled Flights

By Danielle Dorsey


In a ruling last week, the European Court of Justice decreed that EU airlines selling tickets to destinations beyond the EU must provide compensation to passengers if their connecting flight is canceled or delayed by more than three hours, even if the delay is the fault of another airline.

Inconvenienced passengers may receive up to $700 for their troubles.

Before this ruling, protections only extended to flights departing or arriving in Europe, but a landmark case which left 11 passengers flying from Prague to Bangkok stranded in Abu Dhabi for eight hours, persuaded the EU to expand their protections. In that situation, the delayed flight was operated by Etihad Airlines, but the ECJ ruled that because Czech Airlines administered the flight tickets, they were responsible for compensating the disgruntled passengers.

The court decided, “A flight with one or more connections which is the subject of a single reservation constitutes a whole for the purposes of the right of passengers to compensation provided for in the regulation.”

The ruling body also stipulated that EU airlines could sue non-EU airlines in order to “obtain redress for that financial cost” which in the case of Czech Airlines would allow the company to pursue Etihad Airlines for the money they distributed to passengers.

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