Amalfi Coast: Best In Local Cuisine

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The most exciting thing about eating on the Amalfi coast is fresh seafood and sea view terrace. Being a popular tourist destination though, it is hard to differentiate between the tourist traps and really nice joints that will offer you value for your money. Here are the best places to dine at the Amalfi Coast.


Next 2

Next 2 is located in the upper section of Positano. Delicacies include swordfish carpaccio with gazpacho and seaweed powder. If you are a fan of wine, this is your place.

La Cambusa

This joint is set just above the main beach. It has been operational since the 1970s and maintained its quality. They display their seafood and fish so well at the entrance you’d find yourself making an order when you didn’t intend. Specialties include Seabass, fennel, citrus carpaccio etc.

Da Adolfo

It is situated 10 minutes from Positano on Laurito beach.  Here you could also dine on a beautiful wooden boat known as gozzo. You’ll have your lunch right on the beach where the tables are placed. Delicacies include super-fresh dishes such as mozzarella di bufala baked on lemon leaves, mussel soup and grilled catch-of-the-day dressed in mint lemon and mint, all whipped up by Daniele, son of the original owner.


Pasticceria Sal De Riso

Its history runs all back from 1908.  Specialties include a fantastically good pear and ricotta tart, light-as-air babà and warm, ricotta-filled sfogliatelle.

Trattoria dei Cartari

This is a cheap option, popular with the locals due to its comparatively lower prices. It is further from the coastline hence free from hordes of tourists, perfect when you are trying to get away from these hordes. The menu features authentic, Amalfitana specialties that vary according to the season and market availability.

Da Armandino

They have their tables arrayed at the beachfront which gives a very beautiful serene environment while you eat. The place is located over the fishing village of La Praia and you can enjoy the views of busy fishermen as you enjoy your food. This is the place for traditional Italian foods.



This one is located in the backstreets of Atrani. You could have your favorite serving of antipasti here. You can also have stuffed squid and stewed calamari and a plethora of other Italian delicacies.

Acqua Pazza

This is a good restaurant for sampling local delicacies. They make delicious meals from seafood and fish and spaghetti and pasta.


This place is run by Netta Bottone’s family that has been running it for almost a century now. It is a good pocket-friendly joint for a simple Italian meal.

You need a big appetite for the classic starter here; the misto di primi is a quintet of homemade pasta dishes that varies according to the personable Netta’s mood – spaghetti with seafood, maybe, or with carbonara sauce. Followed by a salad and one of the house desserts, that should be enough, but the family has a butcher’s shop next door and the meat dishes are also good.

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