Delta Flight Attendants Say New Uniforms Are Causing Hair Loss, Uncontrollable Coughing & Other Health Issues

By Parker Diakite


Delta’s new purple and stylish uniforms for flight attendants are causing workers to break out in hives, lose hair, and cough uncontrollably,  advocates tell Business Insider. 

According to the report, Delta flight attendants have documented and reported a variety of health issues they believe are linked to the new uniforms, which include purple tops and gray slacks.

Photo courtesy of Delta

The Association of Flight Attendants believes the issue might be caused by the chemicals that the uniforms have been treated with, including formaldehyde, nickel, and chromium.

Delta switched to its latest uniforms in 2018.

Shortly after, some flight attendants told Business Insider that they noticed the strange symptoms right away.

“It started with little spots,” said one flight attendant who experienced severe skin issues allegedly caused by exposure to chemicals in the new uniforms. “I just didn’t know what it was. The last thing you’re going to think is your clothes.”

Another flight attendant said that instead of hives or rashes, she experienced migraines and flu-like symptoms. 

“It just continued to worsen, to the point where I was having to call in sick,” she said. “I was pretty scared to say anything because I didn’t know how they’d handle it.”

In a statement, a Delta spokesperson said the company is studying what is causing the reaction:

At Delta, our people’s safety and well-being are our highest priority. In addition to offering many alternative garments to the small percentage of employees who have reported a reaction, we invested in a rigorous toxicology study to determine if there was a scientifically known, universal issue with the uniform.

“The results of this study show that there is not. 

“Additionally, the results confirm that our uniforms meet OEKO-TEX standards, with the exception of one garment – the optional apron – which has been removed from the uniform collection. We are continuing to develop new alternatives garments to our collection, which have worked well for our people.

“Additionally, we‘ve created a special group of leading doctors to further support Delta employees with individualized solutions.”

This isn’t the first-time flight attendants have reported health symptoms that they say are linked to their uniforms.

Flight attendants at Alaska Airlines made similar complaints in 2012, and American Airlines employees began complaining about similar health issues in 2016, as reported in Business Insider.

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