5 Dating Tips For Frequent Travelers

By Bianca Lambert


Traveling for work can take a toll on current and potential relationships even when both parties are invested. So, how do you navigate traveling, work, and sustaining (or building) a relationship? Well, there are likely no one-size-fits-all options, but there are tips that can help ensure the lines of communication are open no matter how many miles away you are from your bae.

Set A Time To Talk Each Day

We’d all like to stay in contact with your significant others throughout the day, but if their schedules are filled with meetings, lunches, or any other work obligations, it can be challenging to stay connected all day. Setting up a time to talk that works for both people helps keep quality time on the books for even the busiest travelers.

Do Things Together

You might be questioning how to do things together when your partner is thousands of miles away. Thanks to technology, its easier than ever to do things together. You can watch the same show on Netflix and chat about it during your daily talk, start a book club, or listen to the playlist you created together throughout the day.

Find Unique Way To Show You Care

Living life on the road doesn’t mean you have to put the romance on the back burner. If you know your partner enjoys a meal from a certain restaurant, have their favorite meal delivered, or leave a love note hidden in your partner’s beloved part of your (or their) home, or just come up with your own ways to keep the love alive until you’re home.

Invite Them To Travel With You

If the opportunity presents itself, ask your partner to travel with you if they can take the time. Be sure to encourage your partner to go out and see the sights — then plan a special evening for the two of you after your work duties are fulfilled.

Be Transparent

Traveling for work has its perks, but it can also be stressful especially if there are hefty deadlines or endless social work functions. Transparency is critical especially when you’re miles apart. So, if you’re feeling added pressure or finding it difficult to make your scheduled chat every day, communicate that.

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