A Couple’s Guide to Havana, Cuba

By Rachel George


Havana is a city full of history and romance. Between the lively energy, vintage classic cars roaming around, the smell of Cuban food, and music playing from every direction, this city will make you fall in love with your partner all over again.

Ashleigh Phillip and Jeffrey Lange have been together for almost four years and make it a point to travel together at least once a year despite their busy work schedules. Recently, they set the tone for the romantic vibes during their trip to Cuba for the Fourth of July. Phillip booked the trip and a few fun excursions via Airbnb. At night, the couple rest their heads at Casa Lyany, a beautifully renovated apartment overlooking the Malecón, known for beautiful sunsets.

Their first day at Santa Maria de Mar Beach was so amazing that they went back on their last day.

“The beach was so serene and the water was so blue, that we ended up going again on our last full day because we enjoyed it so much,” Ashleigh said.

They then booked a tour Old Havanna, accompanied by an unforgettable photoshoot through Vedado, a popular place for lovers. What a way to show out on vacation.

“I love how Ashleigh’s empathetic and considerate towards every person she meets. I admire how she can be candid and honest with them no matter their age, race, etc,” Jeffrey expressed. “I also love Ashleigh’s organization and her ability to get things in order – her organization and stability compliment my chaos.”

No trip to Cuba is complete without trying a Cuban cigar. Ashley and Jeff loved every minute of the history lesson they received about Cuba’s history and current events while learning to make their own cigars. Drinks/coffee were also provided.

“I love Jeff’s willingness and ambition to be better than he was the day before,” Ashleigh said. “It’s very inspiring to watch and definitely pushes me to do the same for myself and I want the same for us as a team.”

“Even though he doesn’t find my jokes funny, he always makes me laugh,” she added.

The couple ended their trip exploring the nightlife and the best rooftops in the city on a group tour. “Before we went home to pack up to leave, we made one more stop to experience the nightlife at King Bar, which we’re happy we did because it was a great time,” Ashleigh said.

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