20 Classic Blue Traveler Photos To Celebrate Pantone’s 2020 Color Of The Year

By Stephanie Ogbogu


Every year, Pantone, the design world’s color authority for over 40 years, has chosen the Color Of The Year. The team in charge of choosing the color is inspired by the social climate and the hues in the world around us. Pantone says that the color of the year is “a color snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture that serves as an expression of a mood and an attitude.”

Chilli Pepper, Mimosa, Ultra Violet, Rose Quartz, and Honeysuckle have all been chosen as the colors that represented previous years. For 2020, Pantone has chosen 19-4052 Classic Blue as its color of the year.

“Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era,” shares Pantone.

To celebrate, we wanted to share the most beautiful classic blue photos from some of our favorite travelers this year.

Mo’e Cam (@face_fleekbz)

Mo’e Cam is giving Belgium the blues.

Elton Anderson Jr (@eltonandersonjr)

If you ever want to get those blue flicks off, head to Morocco’s blue city, Chefchaouen.

Joe Budden (@joebudden)

Over the summer, Joe Budden spent his birthday enjoying the classic blue skies in Turks & Caicos.

Alanna Doherty (@alannanicolex)

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colours of shanghai

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Alanna brought the blue to Shanghai.

Junior (@nomadcoder)

Travel blogger Junior holds it down for his Nigerian people in beautiful hues of blue.

Eric Hardiman (@luxurytax)

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Powder season 🏔️ switzerland

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If you’re going to enjoy Switzerland, this is how you do it!

Lashontae Heckard (@taeheckard)

Take me to Fiji!

Oneika Raymond (@oneikatraveller)

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*TIPS FOR TRAVELING WHILE PREGNANT* 🤰🏾Way too pregnant and exhausted to even think about getting dressed up for Halloween (3rd trimester is a ROUGH, y'all), so let's throwback to that time I dressed up as a Victoria Secret Angel, shall we? 😉 I've travelled tons while preggo (this photo was taken at Bermuda Carnival when I was 2.5 months along) and while it hasn't always been easy, it's been positive overall. ___ In fact, Baby Germanada has visited 9 countries in utero (Bermuda, Canada, England, France, Lebanon, Cyprus, Italy, Bahamas, USA), so I've learned a few things about traveling while pregnant! Here are a few tips. ___ ☑️STAY HYDRATED ON FLIGHTS: Dehydration is a real thing while flying, especially in the first trimester. Carry a refillable water bottle and load up before boarding. Don't be shy to ask your flight attendant for extra drinks. ___ ☑️BRING COMPRESSION SOCKS & KEEP MOVING: Pregnant women are at greater risk for blood clots, especially on a plane (this is where the socks come in handy). No matter the mode of travel, make sure you get up and around to avoid sitting for long stretches of time. ___ ☑️TAKE YOUR TIME & LEARN TO SAY NO. I move so much slower than before and my mobility/flexibility have decreased exponentially. As such, I don't rush myself, nor engage in activities I deem potentially harmful to baby girl and I. Especially in foreign/unknown environments. ____ ☑️PACK LIGHT. I get exerted SO easily that dragging around heavy luggage is the last thing I want to be doing on a trip. Spare yourself the hassle. ___ ☑️DRESS COMFORTABLY. I've gained 20 pounds so comfort is key! Breathable cotton, bras without underwires, and full cut underwear (bye bye thongs) are now my jam. You body will thank you– especially on long rides. ___ ☑️BE CAREFUL ABOUT FOOD CHOICES ON FOREIGN TERRITORY. Pregnant women are extra susceptible to food borne illnesses, so if I'm not sure about something, I don't eat it. ___ ☑️PLAN TRAVEL DATES WISELY. Growing a human is hard and can affect your trip in myriad ways. Second trimester is typically the best for travel. ___ ☑️ GET TRAVEL INSURANCE. Even more important now. ___ Have you travelled pregnant? Any tips?

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Carnival wasn’t ready for this classic blue hue.

O. Christine (@ochristine)

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I owe my lush hair to travel. Adult me was loyal to Dominican blow outs, flat ironing, and/or a yearly chemical relaxer until I started traveling through a hot and humid summer around the world and said, "No More"! . I cut inches off my hair every month while abroad (perfect timing, since no one could give their unsolicited opinion 🙄) and transitioned my fried, limp tresses to freed coils. It is more daily work than my straight hair was, to be honest. And i still straighten my hair for certain styles and trims. But considering the money, health, and damaged hair saved by nixing straightening chemicals from my hair routine, I know I made the right choice. . One of my proudest transitions was less focused on embracing curly hair (which I’d always worn periodically) and more embracing natural texture in ALL its forms. If you are familiar with hair-type discrimination give this photo a ❤️. . Traveling helps me worry less about all that and focus on the beauty around me. New places. New cultures. New landscapes. New foods. Plus I honestly don’t have the backpack or carry-on space to worry about hair products so make do with what I have. . I am thankful for this hair journey because it personifies how much I’ve had to accept or let go in order to make the most out of life. . Do any of you share a similar journey? . (AD) ps. If you haven’t already, watch the video from this photo on my travel episode of THE KNOW on @OWNtv – link in bio for a limited time. . #own #owntv #theknow #ochristine #willtravelforwellness #joshuatreenationalpark #joshuatree #visitcalifornia #targetfinds #targetstyle

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Christine brought classic blue with her to sunny California.

Ivy Coco Maurice (@ivycoco23)

A touch of blue in Morocco.

Gloria Atanmo (@glographics)

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"I WANT YOUR HAIR." As soon as I saw this mural on the wall, I had to get a photo with it. As a Nigerian-American, my hair has always been a sensitive part of my existence. There's a Lil Wayne lyric that goes, "tougher than Nigerian hair" because you don't know kinky and nappy unless you've got Naija 🇳🇬 blood in you. Growing up, I didn't understand why the minute water touched my hair, it would poof up — especially after a long, dreaded hot comb press from the stove (there isn't a black woman who doesn't have a literal and figurative scar about this from their childhood) 😭 Creamy crack, perms, jerry curls, box braids, interlocks, relaxer, dookie braids, sock buns, the swoop ponytail, tracks, and then a good ol' touch up of the kitchen 😅 Black hair care literally is a language in itself and a couple years ago, I used to plan my travels based on where I could restock my black hair care items, because the 2-shelved "Ethnic Products" at your local hair shop wasn't cutting it for ya girl. So it was a chill day in Athens, Greece a couple years ago when I pulled a Britney Spears. I didn't trust any local salons, and at the time, some wine and scissors qualified me to the highest degree and I sat there in liberation chopping everything off. I rocked a baldy for weeks and sent a picture of my chopped fro in a plastic bag 😅 to my sisters to which they replied in jest, "CHINEKE!!!" (Translation: OH MY GOD) 😭 Freedom. So what have I been doing to my hair since first shaving it? Well, I've kept shaving it as soon as that mini fro grows back. I travel with up to 5 wigs and weaves at a time, but before you resort to some outdated stereotype about all black women wearing weave, the irony is that white women in Hollywood wear more weave than black women these days. It's convenient as hell and it's not any different/crazier than every other girl with a boob job, nose job, botox, etc etc. Besides, my future hubby will be so lucky getting to seemingly date multiple women — he'll get Stella one day, and RaShonda the next 💁🏾 Your insecurities are sometimes the source of another person's envy. Neither is healthy. WERK with what you have. //🎨 @timokamura

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This is the only way you’ll ever have the blues in Bali.

Chris Stylezz (@christylezz)

Chris Stylezz celebrates his birthday amongst the blue water and blue sky in San Blas, Panama.

Emily B (@emilyb_)

Stylist and reality star Emily B looking fashionably fab in Paris.

Channing (@callherchanlo)

Chicks N Kicks founder Channing is giving the Dallas Mavericks a run for their money with her classic blue.

Ashlee (@willdrinkfortravel)

Perfect blue hues for Ashlee while in Miami.

Travis (@misterlevius)

Travis has us wanting to visit Tel Aviv!

Francesca (@onegrloneworld)

Sometimes you can find your blues right here in the United States. Memphis to be exact.

Farran (@farranweezy)

Farran rocks the blue hue perfectly!

Ny (@myepiphany)

Bundle up!

Courtney Brand (@greeneyesgoldsoul)

Courtney is giving us classic blue and making it fashion in Turks & Caicos.

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