Caribbean Flight Deal For As Low As $120 Round-Trip

By Parker Diakite


If there were ever a need to head to the Caribbean, the time is now as people across the country battle record-breaking freezing temperatures.

Right now, various airline companies have deals to San Juan, Puerto Rico for less than $300 round-trip that will have you warming up and relaxing on the beach as early as February.

From the history and shopping in Old San Juan to the nightlife in Condado, San Juan will not disappoint.

Here’s how to book:

From Chicago

As multiple outlets have reported that the temperatures in Chicago are colder than Antartica, those of you in the Chicago area may need to feel warmer temperatures the most. The good news is that there is a flight in February for $201 round-trip on Spirit Airlines. Use Feb. 11 through Feb. 20 as your travel dates.

For $415 round-trip, there are nonstop flights on United and American Airlines for the same dates on Google Flights.

From New York

There are multiple options to San Juan from New York that are all under $300 round-trip. The cheapest option, according to Google Flights is on JetBlue priced at $206 round-trip from Feb. 25 through Mar. 6.


From Atlanta

Like New York departures, there are a few options from Atlanta for under $300 round-trip. After comparing the two, Frontier Airlines offers the best option for $119 round-trip from Feb. 8 through Feb. 16.

What makes it the better option is that the trip is nonstop and secondly, the time of travel. Spirit has a flight for $265 round-trip, but the flight arrives in San Juan at 2 am.

From Los Angeles

If you’re traveling from Los Angeles, you can head to San Juan for as low as $330 round-trip on Spirit Airlines from Feb. 18 through Feb. 26, according to Google Flights.

After calculating baggage fees,  the better option may be JetBlue for $383 round-trip with the shorter layover.

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