Black Woman Arrested On Frontier Flight After Reporting Vomit In Seat

By Victoria M. Walker


A video of a woman on a Frontier Airlines flight confronting about vomit in her daughter’s seat has gone viral after the woman’s arrest.

“What really hurt me is for my child to see me getting handcuffed and taken away from her,” the woman, Rosetta Swinney, told ABC11 in North Carolina. “Twelve hours I was in jail. Twelve hours.”

Swinney was a passenger on Frontier Airlines Flight 2066 from Las Vegas to Raleigh and said that she told the flight attendant vomit was in her daughter’s seat. She told ABC11 that the flight was delayed, giving the crew plenty of time to clean the mess. Swinney said the vomit got on her daughter’s backpack and on her hands.

“She says ‘this is vomit, mom,’” Swinney told the station. “So we went to look. It was on the bag, all over her shirt, her hands.”

Part of the incident was posted to Facebook. Nikki Nickole, the user who posted the video, said “the attendant could have simply switched their seats and asked someone to come cleanup the vomit.”

According to the News & Observer, the airline offered the woman cleaning products to mop up the mess but Frontier said she was “was unsatisfied with the response and became disruptive.” ABC11 said the woman was arrested in front of her 14-year-old daughter.

“I felt humiliated,” Swinney told ABC11. “I felt more bad that my child had to see me be handcuffed and taken away from her.”

Frontier, for its part, appears to be standing by its flight crew. In a statement given to ABC11, the airline said that the arrest was “following procedure.”

“Law enforcement then requested that everyone deplane so that the mother and daughter could be removed allowing the aircraft to be re-boarded and depart,” according to the statement. “We apologized to our passengers for the inconvenience caused by the departure delay.”

Swinney was arrested and taken to jail on a misdemeanor trespassing charge and her daughter was placed in child protective custody, according to ABC11. She will have to return to court to June.

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Victoria M. Walker

Victoria M. Walker is an award-winning multimedia journalist and full-time lecturer in the Department of Media, Journalism, and Film at her alma mater, Howard University. She was previously the breaking news and viral content video editor at The Washington Post.

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