Black Travelers Kicked Out Of NYC Airbnb And Called Monkeys By Host

By DeAnna Taylor


At around 2:30 am this morning, Meshach Cisero and his friends were met with a not so pleasant surprise in New York City.

The friends, all from different parts of the country, flew into New York for a fun weekend of hanging out. They booked an Airbnb in the city and things seemed like a go. Meshach booked the Airbnb for his group.

There were five men staying total. The listing, according to the men, stated that the home was large enough for 5 people. They could share 2 beds and a couch.

The men, all Black, checked-in and were forced to leave with no place to stay at 2:30 in the morning.

The host, whose race isn’t fully-identifiable, accused the men of being loud and obnoxious. She called them criminals, monkeys, and said that she felt threatened by their presence.

None of the men were intoxicated at the time, nor were they overly rowdy, according to them.

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In a video recorded by the man who reserved the Airbnb, you can see a part of the encounter between the men and the host.

They seem to be going back and forth about the number of people staying in the home and how many were actually present. A few seconds into the recording, the host is heard saying, “which monkey is going to stay on the couch?”

Again, these are all Black men and it’s 2019.

The men were forced to leave with no place to go, and even got NYPD involved. Airbnb has been notified of the situation, after the story went viral, and has issued an initial apology via Twitter. At the time of this story, they have not said how they will rectify the men’s horrific experience.

Noirbnb, a Black-owned alternative to Airbnb, has reportedly stepped in to assist.

This story is still developing. We will update it once we have more information.

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