Black Travel Community Mourns Death Of Expat Cedric Hutchinson

By Victoria M. Walker


Black travelers around the world are mourning the loss of one of their own, Cedric Hutchinson, who passed away May 12.

The Roaming Republic, a group he co-founded that seeks to bring black travelers together, confirmed his passing in a statement on Instagram.

“You may have come to know him online as a young man passionate about travel and living life to the fullest and what was amazing about him is that he lived his life just the same offline,” the statement read.

“In such a short time, Ced left such a big imprint on this world and has showed us all what it means to live life with no regrets and absolutely to the fullest. Your presence will be deeply missed Ced.”

Hutchinson, who was from Atlanta, was well-known for his colorful photos in breathtaking locations around the world, such as Thailand, the Taj Mahal, and the Maldives. He was an expatriate in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who taught English in China, Czech Republic and Malaysia. He also started a scholarship called CedinTheCity, which sent African-American students abroad.

His last caption on Instagram was a cheeky “all these bags and you still can’t secure one,” posted in India.

Friends and fellow travelers mourned his death online.

“Your life was one of the most inspiring lives I have ever witnessed. Body goals. Travel goals. Kindness goals,” @gijoelle wrote on his Instagram post. “You changed lives. I will never forget the times we shared in college. Your legacy WILL live on. To know you was to love you. May you Rest In Peace and May your soul live eternally.”

“Thank you for showing us that black people can travel the world,” wrote @ebbieupton on Twitter.

“You’ve left such a legacy behind and you will be missed,” @joelleriding wrote on Instagram.

The group he loved and founded said they intended to continue Hutchinson’s mission.

“This is not the end. The Roaming Republic will continue in his honor ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 and his legacy will live on,” the group wrote on Instagram.

The Roaming Republic curates group travels, with a trip to Costa Rica just one week away. On its website says that it is “two individuals from opposite ends of the globe with an equal passion for promoting travel, connected through Instagram.”

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Victoria M. Walker

Victoria M. Walker is an award-winning multimedia journalist and full-time lecturer in the Department of Media, Journalism, and Film at her alma mater, Howard University. She was previously the breaking news and viral content video editor at The Washington Post.

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