Black Travel Baes You Should Know

By Parker Diakite


A couple that travels together is more than likely to stay together. Don’t just take our word for it. These are the facts, according to research.

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In a recent study conducted for Travelocity, 56 percent of respondents in a relationship think that a romantic getaway is critical in keeping the “spark” in that relationship.

Another survey found that couples who travel together have better sex, and there is other research that suggests couples who travel together are stronger at communication. 

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In short, all this research leads to one conclusion: traveling with your significant other can ensure a healthy relationship.

Not sure where to travel with your significant other next? No worries.

We found some black #travelbaes you that will inspire you:

1. Couple: @kingronthedon and @lechicboheme

One of the couple’s recent trips involved a visit to a safari in Kenya.  @kingronthedon asked his followers, “would you pop out for a picnic in the safari?” The answer is obviously yes.

2. Couple: @chanellynae and @mrsharpegq

“Real life happiness with my real life bestie,” @channellnae said during a trip to Bali.

3. Couple: @thefull_windsor and @alvibean

As if a picture in front of Wat Arun in Bangkok isn’t goals alone, these two and their coordinated outfits take #travelbaegoals to another level.

4. Couple: @amber.s.fox and @foxhustles

“To travel and to love is to be happy,” @amber.s.fox stated during a visit to Petra in Jordan.

5. Couple: @jeffreyboadi and @x_jass

“Love always wins in the end,” @jeffreyboadi stated in Santorini, Greece.

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Love always wins in the end ♥️

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