Black-Owned Hand Sanitizer And Household Products You Should Support Now

By DeAnna Taylor


With all of the chaos of COVID-19, people across the country are on the hunt for household cleaning supplies and hand sanitizers in hopes of staying healthy. Sadly, there is a shortage in most major stores.

We came across a few small Black-owned brands that are doing their part to help out year-round. If you are in need of hand sanitizers or household products during this time, check these Black-owned businesses out ASAP.

Garners Garden

Owner Phillip Garner started his brand in 2012 and offers 100% natural products with 90% of them being vegan-friendly. Currently, on his website, you can find a natural hand sanitizer still in stock. He also creates natural body products such as facial creams, deodorant, and more.

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We really can't deny the effects of the pandemic amidst us. The only thing we can do is help each other. Of course, GG can't just do nothing! We bring you our NEWEST Oxygen infused, 100% Natural Hand Sanitizer! Ditch those alcohol-based sanitizers and switch to the PUREST, HEALTHIEST, MOST EFFECTIVE sanitizers available today!▫▫ ▫ We used OXYGEN as the vital ingredient of our hand sanitizers, which is probably the most important element we have in a lot of our products, especially in our oral care. Oxygen, by far, has been playing a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the effectiveness of our products.▫▫ ▫ Our Oxygen infused, 100% Natural Hand Sanitizer will kill up to 80% of germs and bacteria that reside on your skin. We understand that we also need the 20% good bacteria to survive (symbiotic relationship between the human body and bacteria), so we never want to kill 100%. It kills just enough to be just as effective as alcohol/ethanol-based hand sanitizers on the market – this is the HEALTHIEST version of hand sanitizer that you can buy!▫▫ ▫ Did I mention that it moisturizes your hands too? Made with a dab of safflower oil, our natural hand sanitizer will not only eliminate the bacteria but also provide moisture to your skin to prevent dry and cracked hands!▫▫ ▫ Let's all work hand in hand to "flatten the curve!" All we need are the RIGHT ingredients to hinder contamination and prevent further problems from happening. So, head over our website and ORDER yours today! Limited stocks only.▫▫ ▫ https://garnersgarden.com/products/natural-hand-sanitizer #garnersgarden #naturalsoap #organicsoap #washyourhands #naturalskincare #organicskincare #handsoap #etsy #handwashing #handwash #handsanitizer #sanitizers #handcleansers #coronavirus #webuyblack #alcohol

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The pH Company

This company specializes in personal hygiene care which includes natural armpit care and oral health. They have also created a natural hand sanitizer spray made from essential oils. You can find their products online as well as in select retailers in Baltimore and Charlotte.

Selfe Steam Nola

This New Orleans-based brand consists of a wellness spa as well as handcrafted cleansing products. On the website you can find foaming hand sanitizers, hand sanitizer mists, and anti-bacterial sprays.

Products by Lizzie

Owner Christen Elisabeth created this small brand after her own issues with eczema, acne and other skin issues. She makes toxin-free products for your home and body. She recently restocked her hand sanitizer so head over and grab a few bottles.


Earthlymart is a Black family-owned company that sells natural and chemical-free cleaning products. On their website, you’ll find bathroom, kitchen, living room, laundry, and deck & patio cleaning agents.


This Black-woman owned business is based out of Durham, NC. They create products using ingredients derived from the Earth. They are currently taking pre-orders for their customizable hand sanitizer. Choose your own essential oil and a range of sizes.

Fran’s Bodycare

You’ve probably seen Fran’s Bodycare products in Whole Foods but you can also purchase Fran Ngong’s all-natural organic products online or in her hometown of Baltimore. Fran’s Bodycare sells a full line of bar soaps, liquid cleansers, moisturizers, deodorants, scrubs, bath salts, and more. You can also purchase germ-fighting hand sanitizer containing Whole Leaf Aloe, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel, Pure Alcohol and Thieves Essential Oil blends. 

Adiva Naturals

Owner and founder Nadira Chase started her company over 17 years after being diagnosed with psoriasis. She has now dedicated her time to creating toxin free skin, hair, and wellness products.

Lauryn’s Garden

This Black-woman owned brand specializes in clean and simple cosmetics. She recently released and anti-viral hand sanitizer that is currently in stock.

Freedom Paper Company

This Baltimore-based brand is known for its toilet tissue and paper products. Owner Kamose Muhammed also offers natural household cleaning products to help keep your home germ free.

The True Products

This brand was started in 2012 and specializes in household cleaning supplies. It is most known for its laundry detergent and fabric softeners.

Paula’s Whipp

Paula’s Whipp is a Black woman-owned company that sells hair and body butters, moisturizing lip gloss, and of course, hand sanitizers. Paula Marie’s hand sanitizers contain 70% alcohol and 27% aloe vera gel and come in a lavender fragrance or unscented.


Created by Angela Richardson, PurHome specializes in natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly detergents and cleaning products for the household. On their website, you can purchase everything from laundry care to cleaning products for the bathroom and kitchen.

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