How The Founder Of ‘BlacBox’ Is Boosting Denmark’s Black Economy

By Parker Diakite


When Abi Olusanya decided to move to Denmark, she was looking for a new adventure that would push her outside of her comfort zone.

What she didn’t know at the time was that being uncomfortable would create an opportunity to support black-owned businesses in Denmark.

“In Denmark, access to products for black women is difficult,” Abi said. “You either order online from a brand you already know and love or make do with the limited options available.”

According to Abi, there are not enough products in Denmark that are suitable for black women – which comes to no surprise as more than 90 percent of the population identifies as European descent.

Because she couldn’t find an existing solution, Olusanya created her own that would be both wallet-friendly and hassle-free called the BlacBox.

Photo courtesy of The BlacBox

The BlacBox was designed as a highly personalized subscription box for black women in Europe but Abi confirmed with Travel Noire in an interview that the company ships around the world.

From makeup, hair and skin care products, and more, the BlacBox provides subscribers with black-owned products every other month.

Here’s what else Travel Noire learned:

Travel Noire: What’s your ultimate goal of the BlacBox?

Abi: There are two goals for the BlacBox: to boost the black economy and to give black women easy access to frequent pampering and self-care that is personalized for them.

TN: what’s inside the BlacBox?

We partner with black-owned businesses who not only understand our challenges (because they’ve experienced them themselves) but are creating solutions for us.

[Subscribers will find anything] from make-up, skincare and haircare products tailored to your unique profile.

And the best part? We send a range of their products straight to your doorstep every other month.

By sourcing all our products from black-owned businesses, we are playing a part in protecting the livelihoods of black families around the world. This is incredibly important given today’s current climate and we wrote a blog post explaining this a little bit more. 

A huge benefit of working with black-owned beauty brands is that their products are sometimes even better than those we currently use, as most are created specifically to tackle the challenges that black women face. This makes it even easier to personalize our boxes to each subscriber, as black-owned brands understand and have created products to suit the different shades, skin types and hair types that black women have.

For us, it was a no-brainer to merge the two together, giving black-owned brands access to their target audience and allowing black women to experience personalized pampering and self-care in a way that is both wallet-friendly and hassle-free – all while supporting black-owned businesses.

TN: Do you ship to other countries?

Abi: We do! We ship to any country in Europe and we are planning to expand outside of Europe in 2020. If you are currently not based in Europe but you’re interested in the BlacBox, create your profile and let us know where you are located!

TN: Anything else you want our readers to know?

We’re currently offering all new subscribers 5% off their first payment with the code “treatyourself”. This offer is valid until the 31st of December.

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