Best South American Cities For Black Singles

By DeAnna Taylor


Instagram would have us to be believe that taking a “baecation” is the only way to travel at times. However, traveling as a single person can be just as fun.

If you are heading to South America and want to know where the single folks mingle, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of the Best South American cities for Black singles.

Cartegena, Colombia

Cartegena is a city filled with lots of Afro culture. It’s a great city for any Black person in general. The city is cleaning up its once tainted image more and more, making it the perfect stop for anyone looking to do a little socializing.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you want to party all night long, literally, this is the place to go. Buenos Aires is said to be the original home of the popular Latin dance, the tango. Dance the night away with a potential new boo in this South American city.

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Lima, Peru

After spending a full day hiking Machu Picchu, what better way to unwind than on a beautiful terrace overlooking the ocean. Lima is known for its large nightclubs filled with beautiful scenery and beautiful people. You’ll want to bring your best outfits for this South American party city.

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Santiago, Chile

Santiago is a city for the more laid back single person. There is a diverse population of college students, young professionals, and of course tourists. You can find a variety of clubs and bars including reggae bars and places to get cheap drinks. You could definitely snag a new bae here.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is the Mecca of South American cities, especially for men. While there have been issues with crime, as long as you are cautious of your surroundings you can really enjoy this city. From the beautiful beaches to the celebrations of carnival, Rio is a place you want to go while single.

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