The Best Black-Owned Restaurants In London

By Parker Diakite


London is rich in Black culture and there’s no better way to explore that diversity than through the food.

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From the Caribbean, West Africa, and influences from the United States’ southern cuisine, here are the best black-owned restaurants in London to try.

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Kate’s Cafe

At Kate’s Cafe, you will find a combination of British and Ghanian influences. The restaurant, located on Balaam Street, is perfect for African soul food. From fufu to chinchinga (goat meat on skewers), and banku with tilapia fish, the menu is full of mouthwatering Ghanian cuisine.

Photo courtesy of Kate’s Cafe

Prince of Peckham Pub

Prince of Peckham is a newer spot in South London. The restaurant and pub opened back in 2017 but it has quickly become a favorite among locals and tourists alike. It is known to have some of the best drinks, food, and events in South London.

There’s a weekly menu, a brunch menu, and a Sunday menu as well.

Photo courtesy of Prince of Peckham

I Go Chop

The founders of I GO CHOP created the restaurant with the mission to give people a fresh insight into Nigerian culture. The menu features yam porridge, beef stew, plantain gizzards, and more.

Facebook | I Go Chop

Alkaline Juice Factory

Located in Brixton, Alkaline Juice Factory offers freshly made organic alkaline juices, smoothies, and vegan street food.

Alkaline Juice Factory Instagram | @alkalinecleanse

Trap Kitchen

Located at 76 Bedford Hill in the Balham neighborhood, Trap Kitchen is in high demand. Prince Cofie Owusu, known as Shakka, started Trap Kitchen in 2016 from his mom’s apartment and he has grown his following to more than 100,000 followers online.

The menu features lobster tails, Cajun shrimp, mac n’ cheese, and sweet items such as chicken and Belgian waffles.

Instagram | @trapkitchen

Mama Leah’s at Spaces Pop Up

Mama Leah’s started from a small trailer selling pancakes and waffles. It has grown into a gourmet-style restaurant that not only sells desserts but now offers burgers, grills, cocktails and much more.

Photo courtesy of Mama Leah’s

Red Rooster

Red Rooster is where Harlem meets Shoreditch. New York chef and entrepreneur Marcus Samuelsson brought his Harlem restaurant to London where it celebrates American cuisine while channeling Southern soul food and Marcus’s Northern European upbringing.

Shrimp n’ grits, gnocchi, short ribs, and more.

Photo courtesy of Red Rooster
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