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Watch Out! These Airlines And Airports Are Most Likely To Delay Or Cancel Your Flight

By Danielle Dorsey


Every traveler dreads the thought of a delayed flight, but there’s not much one can do to prevent occasion inclement weather, mechanical breakdowns, or computer errors. Thankfully, global travel data source, OAG, is helping passengers fly smarter with the release of their annual ranking of on-time performance by airlines and airports. The latest list covers June 2018 through May 2019, giving travelers a good sense of which airlines and airports they can trust to be punctual. 

Hawaiian Airlines wins among U.S. carriers, with 87.8% of their 8,321 flights arriving or departing on time. Delta Airlines earns 2nd place within U.S. carriers, with 83% of their 160,423 flights arriving or departing on time. Alaska Airlines comes in 3rd with 80.7 % with Spirit Airlines surprisingly trailing close behind with 80.4 % of their flights arriving or departing on time. Cape Air rounds out the top five with 79.9% flights arriving or departing on time. 

Sun County Airlines ranked the least on-time U.S. carrier with only 68.8% of flights arriving or departing on time. Budget airline Frontier makes the bottom three with a 69.4% punctuality rating and JetBlue is fourth least punctual airline with 73.5 % of flights arriving or departing on time. American Airlines earned the number five spot with 76.9 % of flights departing or arriving on time.

Gadura Indonesia has the highest punctuality rating internationally and Panama-based Copa Airlines earns the number three spot, with 90.1% of their flights arriving or departing on time. Cebu Pacific Air has the worst on-time performance internationally, with just 56 % of flights arriving or departing as scheduled. 

In terms of domestic airports most prone to flight cancellations, at no surprise to most travelers, LaGuardia in New York tops the list. Norfolk International and Charleston AFB/International follow close behind. You’re the least likely to have your flight canceled in Salt Lake City, Utah. Also, neighboring Boise, Idaho is a safe second bet. Sacramento, Portland, Atlanta, Seattle, and Phoenix airports also made the top ten of least likely to cancel your flight. 

To see OAG’s full rankings, click here

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