The Top 5 African Cruises To Tour The Motherland & Beyond

By Leah Freeman-Haskin


From the Atlantic and Indian Oceans to the Mediterranean Sea, Africa is home to many prime ports along its coastlines, allowing travelers aboard cruise ships the chance to explore this remarkable continent.

Here are some of the top cruises that take adventurous travelers on an unforgettable tour of The Motherland and beyond.

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Oceana Cruises  – Cape Town, South Africa

This 14-day voyage takes you from Cape Town and back, stopping at various ports along the way including locations in Namibia and Mozambique. Onboard the ship, Nautica, you will find luxury accommodations, fine dining, and activities from wine tastings to spa treatments.

Cape Town, South Africa | Tobias Fischer | Unsplash

Silversea – Accra, Ghana

Travel the historically rich Ghanaian Gold Coast, visit medinas and markets, UNESCO World Heritage sites, local culture and see breathtaking desert landscapes aboard the Silver Cloud. Departing from Accra, you will move up the coast to Monrovia, Freetown, and Dakar. The 18-day journey ends in Lisbon, Portugal.

Uniworld – Cairo, Egypt

Spend 11 days cruising the Nile in a manner once reserved for queens and pharaohs. The journey begins and ends in Cairo where you will wander amongst the towering ruins of the Temple of Karnak, the world’s largest ancient religious complex, and the entrancing Temple of Luxor. Accommodations include royal suites and state rooms with luxury details and stunning views.

Nile River | Cairo, Egypt | Sherif Moharram | Unsplash

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Azamara Quest – Cape Town, South Africa

Put your golf skills to the test with this 10-night intensive voyage taking you from Cape Town and back. Each stop along the journey includes a day of golf at some of the most remarkable courses in Africa. If you get tired of golf, you are welcome to explore the on-land destinations with walking tours, museum visits, and more.

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