Aeromexico Is The Latest Company To Troll Trump

By DeAnna Taylor


These days, it seems like someone new is coming for Trump’s neck at least once a week. Aeroméxico is the latest company to be added to the list.

The Mexican-based airline carrier recently launched a commercial to promote its new campaign “DNA Discount.” The slogan for the campaign is “there are no borders within us.”

Yes, they went there.

The campaign seeks to reward American citizens with Mexican ancestry, by offering them discounts on Aeroméxico flights after submitting to DNA testing. “The more Mexican they are, the more discount they get.”

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See the commercial here:

While the commercial doesn’t mention the president by name, it isn’t hard to connect the dots. The opening lines state “Mexico’s first destination is America. But America’s first destination is not Mexico.”

The host in the commercial heads to the small town of Wharton, Texas to get opinions on the country. One woman says, “No way,” while a man responds “let me stay here in peace and let those folks stay on their side of the border.”

The ad provides statistics from a test conducted in a few southwestern states. It was found that 54 percent of those tested had some ties to Mexico. Most of the people could not believe it.

A man was told that he is 22 percent Mexican, and he begins to use expletives. However, some people actually appreciated the campaign. A woman was told that she was 15 percent Mexican and could receive a discount on flights to Mexico. Her response: “Yes! I love discounts.”

So far, this video is making its mark on social media. It has received tens of thousands of likes after being shared across various pages.

There is no word yet from Trump on his thoughts about the campaign.

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