Travel Noire is a digital publishing platform that creates tools and resources for the unconventional traveler. Founded by a Glamour Magazine award-winning entrepreneur, Travel Noire is a necessity in every traveler’s toolkit.

We hand select the most amazing individuals from the African diaspora, who reside all over the globe, to share their love of culture and exploration with you—in the hopes that you will hop out of your neighborhood and across one (or a few) of the seven seas.

Our curators live in major cities, sprawling metropolises, countrysides, on boats & in mountains and everywhere in between. They span from The Americas to the dunes of the Middle East, from Europe to Oceania and from the tip of Africa to the paddy fields of Asia. Interested in becoming a curator? Please apply within.

Last but not least, enjoy yourself! Travel Noire is an experience. Our goal is to take you from wherever you are–to a discovery of your inner explorer. If you have any love you’d like to share with us, shoot us an email.