9 Jobs You Can Do While Traveling The World

By Rachel George


In a world where social media sets the tone for our travel destinations, people want a career that has a healthy work and travel balance. The best of both worlds: bleisure. A study shows that 69 percent of millennials on business trips wish they could extend their trip for leisure, while 39 percent of millennial travelers today say they wouldn’t take a job that didn’t allow them to travel for business.

Here are a few jobs you can do while traveling the world.


Believe it or not, there’s money in blogging. Companies and brands will pay bloggers and influencers to embark on the experience of a lifetime at some island on the other side of the world. You can make about $10,000/month for posting videos or pics on social media. It’s a cash cow and everyone who is funny, consistent, and not afraid to share their opinions are doing it.

Teach English Abroad 

Tour the world and teach others to read, write and possibly speak in English in countries all around the world. Explore their culture and help residents of a country improve their language proficiency through education. I can only imagine the satisfying feeling English teachers have reaching others in Chile, China, Spain, or Vietnam, serving others in a way that impacts the rest of their life.

Interested in studying abroad? Explore one of many teaching programs around the world here. Hiring begins soon.

Day Trading 

More people are investing and becoming day traders for various finance entities. Use your phone anywhere to check your investments, stocks, gains, and losses. The benefit of being able to work from home and not having a set schedule is very appealing.

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Freelance Photographer 

What better way to see the world than through the lens of a photographer? Knowing how to capture the right angles, lighting and being able to tell a story through images, will lead to some promising work opportunities. Travel photography is not easy and requires a lot of dedication. Who knows? You may end up working for National Geographic or Travel Noire.

Traveling Chef 

Take a step from behind the restaurant kitchen and into the cultural melting pot of food across the globe. The opportunities are endless for traveling chefs. You may end up being booked by a celebrity who happens to be on tour or work on a cruise traveling across the Caribbean.

Traveling Nurse 

Male or female, nurse bae is goals. Travel nurses trek across the globe, treating and curing patients in different states, countries and on different continents. Increase your chances of landing any traveling assignment by getting licensed in each state, your pay and location depend on it, according to nurse.org.


You can do more than just give back in your own community. Join FEMA, the Peace Corps or Habitat for Humanity building homes around the world for victims of natural disasters in other countries. Workaway provides lodging accommodations and meals in exchange for volunteer work organizing homestays for other visitors.


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Flight Attendant 

Looking to work and travel, with extended off days in between? Free flights? Flexible schedule? Becoming a flight attendant may be the career for you. Training starts after you are hired by an airline, not before. Keep your overnight bag handy; your next flight might be sooner than you think.

Be a Translator

Work from home or in an office, as a translator helping others while traveling and learning about various cultural habits, traditions, and languages.

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