7 Unconventional Ways To Save Money While Traveling

By Bianca Lambert


No matter your budget, it always feels good to save money while traveling. Whether it’s on a flight, on luggage fees, or an attraction, keeping money in your pocket is always a plus. Here are seven alternative ways to save a few dollars on your next trip.

Book The Layover

Layovers are generally not ideal especially when your first flight is delayed, or your bags don’t make your next flight. Aside from the things that could go wrong, layovers can actually save you hundreds of dollars, especially on international flights. Make your next layover count and try to book a ticket in a city you’d be interested in exploring for a few hours.

Only Take A Carry-On

I know this may be hard for some of you out there, but hear me out. Packing a carry-on for up to a month isn’t as hard as it sounds if you use the right strategy. Not only will you save money along the way that could pay for a nice meal, but you’ll spend less time unpacking and washing clothes when you return home.

Pack Your Own Food For The Airport

Planning your airport meals in advance can save you time and money. Stop by Trader Joe’s or a local grocery store known for having healthy and budget-friendly options that are easy to pack in your bag.

Take A Midnight Train

Want to explore a new city in Europe? Try taking a train overnight. You’ll save money on a hotel for that evening, and you’ll have a new experience to add to your travel memory bank.

Have Only One Meal Out A Day

This one might be tough, especially for the foodies out there, but very cost effective. Research your must-visit restaurants before your arrival, make a reservation, and grocery shop for the rest of the days you’re vacationing. Be sure to visit local farmers markets to add fruits and vegetables local to the region into your meals.

Only Visit Free Attractions

Finding free things to do is not as hard as you’d think, you just have to do a little research. Programs like Museums on Us make it easy to plan a free day taking in artwork. Many cities offer free walking tours as well.

Try A Hostel

If you’re a person that likes the comfort and quiet of a traditional hotel or an Airbnb, this one might be tough for you, but the choice could save you some money. You’ll want to be sure to pack earplugs, flip-flops, and an open mind as you’ll be sharing your living space with other travelers if you opt for a money-saving, bunk-style room.

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