7 Things to Do in Poconos Delaware Water Gap

By Kimberley Richards


If you are looking for a relaxing weekend getaway, away from the daily grind, the Poconos is a great place to unwind and recharge. As someone who lives and works in the city, this trip was the perfect weekend break.


I compiled a list of top seven things to do in the Delaware Water Gap for an inexpensive, fun, yet relaxing weekend trip. I found it to be a happy medium of having time to kick back and enjoy local activities.


Kim back view appalachian trail


Hike at the Appalachian Trail 


Hiking at the Appalachian Trail is fun, exciting and beginner-friendly. The Appalachian trail has free entry and is a clearly carved out and well mapped trail that goes through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Throughout the hike you’ll find nice serene hidden gems that allows you a break, to take cool photos and have an opportunity to have thoughts to yourself. It’s scenic and conveniently located near the middle of town. It’s also walking distance to a lot of other fun sites.




Jazz Night at the Deer Head Inn


The Deer Head Inn’s site claims to be “the oldest continuously running jazz club in the country”.


It offers such a fun and intimate environment, I can’t wait to go back again. Funny enough, I stumbled across this jazz club because I was looking for a late night meal. It was one of the few places still serving dinner past 10 p.m. As I entered I was met with a live jazz band playing their hearts out and a guest Australian singer who seriously did Jill Scott justice.


The red walls added to the warm atmosphere with smooth jazz and R&B playing throughout the night. To top it off, the food was really good. I returned for brunch the next day (I love brunch) which was even better!


The cool thing about this place is that it also operates as a bed and breakfast and offers accommodations. I was happy with my AirBnB choice but would definitely consider the Deer Head Inn next time.


photo 2-7


Eat at Village Farmer & Bakery 


Locals will tell you that visiting farmer’s markets in the area is a must. After hearing all the buzz about Village Farmer & Bakery, I decided to pay it a visit. I’m glad I did because I ate amazing pot pie and bought a delicious peach pie for the road.


As you enter the vicinity of Village Farmer and Bakery, you are met with an impressive layout of fresh produce, and a guy behind a barbecue and smoker, preparing pulled pork and barbecue chicken. He makes sure all visitors get hefty samples of chicken and pork.

Inside the store is an abundance of pies, pastries, cookies–basically any delicious dessert you can think of. They serve creamy ice cream for cheap, but are best known for their homemade pot pies. I had a ground beef pot pie, that was delicious and filling! It was fun grabbing a seat in the store, watching the staff bake the pies right in front of you and sharing in the”hometown feel.”



Take a $9 Trolley Tour 


Trolley tours may scream “tourist” but that was exactly what I was. In a short trip, it is a great and inexpensive way to see the Delaware Water Gap area. The tour guide took us to some interesting and historical places, including the homes once owned by celebrities (Jackie Gleason and Arnold Palmer for an example) and other scenic gems where we were able to step off the trolley to take in the sights. It was entertaining and gave me great ideas of where I’d like to explore next.




Wine Tasting at Mountain View Vineyard


For just $5 you can partake in a fun wine tasting event at the Mountain View Vineyard, Winery & Distillery located in Stroudsburg, about a 15 min drive from the center of town. The staff pairs the various wines with a variety of cheeses, chocolates and breads. They make it fun, the wine is good and as a bonus, you get to keep your wine glass. The backyard is set up with tables and chairs and there is a live band outside. If it’s a beautiful day, you can sit outside, enjoy a glass of wine with fun live music. Beyond the backyard is a large vineyard that’s available for guests to walk through.


The vineyard is so beautiful and serene, I was tempted to lay a blanket down and enjoy the peacefulness for hours. It really takes you away.




Backyard of Cafe Duet

The backyard of Cafe Duet


Enjoy Coffee at Cafe Duet


I love coffee shops so when I heard there was a relatively new cafe in the middle of town with delicious coffee, I made it a priority to visit. This quaint coffee shop was conveniently located and had a really cool vibe. It offered fresh baked goods and homemade granola with yogurt. I got the granola and cup of coffee and enjoyed hanging out in the back room making conversation with strangers. The coffee was so good I had to inquire. Cafe Duet sells Stumptown Coffee which specializes in a direct trade program. The company specializes in direct relationships with farmers in locations throughout Indonesia, Africa and Latin America.


The backyard of Cafe Duet has a nice garden layout that’s perfect for sitting out on a nice day and grabbing a good read–with a cup of coffee of course!




Rent a Cottage with AirBnB


This was my first AirBnB experience and it was a great one. I rented a three bedroom cottage for two people and it was perfectly clean, with nice size bedrooms and a large kitchen (that was never used by us). It was a great way to experience the Poconos because I was in a residential community but also close to tourist sites. The backyard had a large lot of land with nice built-in amenities like benches, mini waterfalls and even a rock climbing wall.


It was a nice way to start my morning by enjoying just the scenery in my own backyard.


Backyard of Cottage

Backyard of Cottage

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