7 Black Mom Travel Influencers You Need To Follow

By Leah Freeman-Haskin


Traveling with children isn’t always easy, but these fearless mamas make it look good. For some travel inspiration, head over to Instagram and check out these seven beautiful mothers who have made travel a priority. 


Monet Hambricks is a working woman, wife, and mother of two who has made travel a priority in her life by using all of her vacation days to travel with her family. Her account shares affordable itineraries all over the world to make traveling with kids easier.


Native New Yorker Jessica Kameko is a mother of two and avid traveler. With a small baby in tow, she offers tips on travel and motherhood through stunning Instagram photos of her family vacations all over the world. 

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Brooklyn-based Sunshine Abou Bakar has created a beautifully curated account of her worldly travels with here beautiful toddler daughter. She has visited 11 countries and counting, Sunshine hails that her blog stands “at the intersection of the black travel movement and millennial motherhood”. 


Karen is a mom, wife, writer, and founder of Black Kids Do Travel, an organization created to bring about diversity in travel and bridge the gap. This homeschooling mama is raising truly global citizens and sharing her adventures one Instagram photo at a time.


Courtney is a single mom whose mostly domestic travel is captured through colorful and carefully curated images of herself and her young daughter. 

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Marquita is a wife and mother of two daughters who documents her travels through Instagram and her personal blog. Recent trips include London, Paris, and Disneyland where she provides travel tips and for mothers with autistic children and families looking for adventure. 


This millennial mom, digital storyteller, and traveler is growing a huge following from her recent travels to China, Hong Kong, London, Australia, Bali, and tons of other destinations around the world. Her photos are magical and perfectly curated, making traveling with a child look flawless. 

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