6 Things To Know Before Visiting Porto, Portugal

By Parker Diakite


Lisbon is no doubt one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. It’s both a vibrant and charming city that travelers love because it tends to be cheaper compared to other popular European cities, including Paris and London.

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As Portugal’s capital, you will find that Lisbon doesn’t sleep like many other major cities. It’s part of the reason why many people are flocking to Portugal’s second-largest city, Porto, to escape the crowds and experience the country’s authentic culture.

Located on the Douro River, Porto is a cheap destination where foodies, history buffs, and wine lovers fall in love. 

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Part of the reason it’s growing in popularity is Porto’s ability to offer a reasonably priced vacation. 

So if you’re thinking of heading to Porto, here are 6 things to know before you go:

The Best Time To Go

Northern Portugal does not get the best weather like the south. If you’re planning a trip, May through November is the best time to go.  Off-season months tend to be colder and the days end early, which means less sun. 


Because we’re talking about prices, let’s talk about inflation on hotels. Most people tend to visit Porto in July and August for summer vacations and while it’s not as busy as Lisbon, expect to pay more for your accommodations. 

You can get around that and find better deals by considering hostels and looking for an Airbnb. 

Getting Around

You want to purchase a reusable Andante card to get around on Porto’s metro. This card can be used from the airport as well.

Uber does work in Porto. It’s highly recommended over taxis, which tend to be more expensive. If you opt for a taxi, remember to ask your driver to start the meter so you’re not overpaying for a taxi ride. 

Yes, To Porto Wine 

Cliches sometimes work and in the case of Porto wine, this is an absolute must. 

The Douro wine region is one of the oldest in Europe that’s most famous for the Port wine. It’s sweeter and according to some people, stronger than general wines that are consumed as a dessert wine.

Put a wine tour on your to-do list. 

And While You’re Drinking

Locals and tourists tend to hang out at Galerias for the number of stylish bars. 

When Consuming Francesinha 

Everyone will tell you they have the best Francesinha, a carby sandwich full of cured meats, cheese, eggs, and a beer and tomato sauce.

A good rule of thumb is that if it’s empty inside the restaurant, it’s probably not that great or too expensive. 

Find the lines. It will be worth the wait. 

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