5 TED Talks That Will Inspire You To Quit Your Job And Travel Full-Time

By Rachel George


In a perfect world, everyone’s ideal job would involve traveling to exotic destinations for business trips as opposed to sitting at an office desk from 9-5 every day. Just seeing images via Instagram of your friends traveling to fascinating destinations all over the world gives you a thrill more than any job ever could.  

TED Talks are a powerful resource on various topics such as creativity, entrepreneurship, science, and politics. Many TED Talks often inspire others on the values of travel. 

If you’re looking for some inspo, here are five TED Talks that will make you want to quit your office job and let the world be your desk. 

Evita Robinson: Reclaiming the Globe

In 2011, global traveler Evita Robinson created Nomadnes Travel Tribe, a lifestyle brand and community of over 73,000 travelers of color. In her TED Talk, she provides context on the development of the black travel movement during the Jim Crow era compared to now.

“We are changing the perception of millions both home and abroad,” she said. “We are here, we are relevant, we are Tribe.”

Robinson also recalled her past experiences shark diving in Cape Town, South Africa, teaching English in Japan and celebrating in Indian streets of Jaipur for their annual Holiday Festival of Colors for an evening of dance and song. 

Luvvie Jones: Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

New York Times Best-Selling author and activist Luvvie Ajayi is a huge advocate for women speaking up in spaces designed for us to be silent. Her inspiring TED Talk encourages everyone to get a little more comfortable with being uncomfortable and telling our stories authentically.

Kitra Cahana: A Glimpse Of Life on the Road

Photojournalist Kitra Cahana dreamed about being a nomad and living life on the road as a young girl in Canada. Her career has allowed her to give others a glimpse inside other cultures, following the wanders of the world in their unconventional homes. 

Nnedi Okorafor: Sci-fi Stories That Imagine A Future Africa

Nnedi Okorafor’s Nigerian heritage drove her to write African-based science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism stories, earning tons of accolades and awards. Her books feature distinct characters and creative settings inspired by different ancestors and various cultures in Africa. In her TED Talk, she discussed how her first few stories reflected the heightened trend of technology she noticed during trips back to Nigeria to see her family as a young girl. 

Piya Bose: Making a Career While Traveling

Piya Bose left her career as a lawyer to become a travel writer and consultant.  After years of traveling to exotic places and working as a researcher, she created Girls On The Go, organizing trips for women’s groups and solo travelers. Her goal was to help women travel to new destinations and embrace new experiences in places like Antarctica, Santorini, Mongolia, Bali, and Lonar. 

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