5 Reasons to Hike in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania

By Kimberley Richards


Serene Appalachian trail

One of the biggest draws to the Poconos for travelers and vacationers, are the outdoor activities. Whether it’s renting a cabin with a group of friends in the winter for a thrilling ski trip, or kicking back by a peaceful lake in the summer, the fresh outdoor scene is definitely inviting.

The hiking scene in the Poconos appeals to the intense experienced hiker who hikes cross-country along difficult trails, to first-timers looking for an explorative experience.

The Appalachian trail within the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in the Poconos offers a scenic route that’s both refreshing and safe.

See the top five reasons why you should hike along this trail.

Appalachian Trail Sign


It’s Beginner Friendly 

While hiking along this trail in the Delaware Water Gap, you’ll meet experienced hikers but you’ll also quickly realize it’s definitely doable for a first-time hiker. The path carved out is easy to follow and for those who may fear the “unknown” creatures that live out in the forests (yes that includes BEARS), locals say it’s unlikely you’ll have  any scary encounters.

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Serenity at its Best

The trail is full of beautiful, serene treasures that invite you to take a break, sit and enjoy nature, your thoughts and nothing else.

Kim back view appalachian trail

Meet new People 

It’s a popular trail in the Delaware Water Gap, a community that’s pretty tight-nit and welcoming. On the trail it’s likely you’ll meet locals and hikers from varying experience levels. People are generally friendly and interested in talking to you. I was more than impressed when I met a backpacker who hiked all the way from Maine and eager to take on this trail.

Camp Out 

If you’re up for it and follow the Park rules, camping is accessible and convenient near the Appalachian Trail. The Park staff makes themselves available for any questions and concerns. Let’s face it, it’s good to know you have someone to call if anything should go wrong!

Location, Location, Location!

If you’re visiting the Delaware Water Gap for other reasons than hiking, the Appalachian trail is right in the middle of town and easy to access. It’s literally walking distance to a tasty brunch and dinner spot with live jazz bands, a trolley stop complete with trolley tours and near a delicious farmer’s market with locally praised baked goods and pot pies. It’s hard not to attempt hiking on this trail because it doesn’t’ take you far away from plenty of other fun activities.



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