5 Airbnb Experiences To Book On Your Cuban Vacation

By Bianca Lambert


If you’ve ever booked a place on Airbnb, you might have seen the “Experiences” tab on the front page of the site. To give a little background, Airbnb launched its experience offerings in 2017 in 12 cities, and will now expand to have 1000 destinations by the end of 2018. Since wifi is limited in Cuba, and I don’t speak much Spanish, I took to Airbnb experiences to plan my trip. I booked my casa particular and daily excursions on the site.


Here are five of my top picks to book when you’re ready to hit the streets of Havana.


Learn To Make Classic Cuban Food

If you’re a foodie, this experience might be just up your alley. You will get to learn classic Cuban dishes from locals in their home. Some of the recipes have been passed down for generations… and there will be mojitos, too.


Salsa The Night Away

How can one go to Cuba and not learn to salsa? For two hours, you’ll learn the one-on-one the basics of salsa dancing. One of the perks of this experience is that you don’t have to worry about transportation to and from the location, as it is included in the cost.


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See Some Buried Treasure

Cuba is known for being the backdrop for some of the Carbibean’s most beautiful beaches, but why just lay in the sun when you can discover sunken shipwrecks? With the help of your instructor, you’ll get to see the SS Olivette or City of Alexandria — American ships that sank in the waters off Havana. You’ll even get underwater photos to add to your digital scrapbook.


Take A Walking Tour

Havana is a city full of cultural, historical, and architectural gems — and who better to show you through the streets of Cuba than an economist? His 3.5-hour tour boasts over 380 five star ratings, and it isn’t too tough on the wallet either.


See How Cigars Are Made

We all know that Cuba is known for it beloved cigars. With the tobacco farms just three hours away, take a day trip by bus to the Viñales countryside to see how the tobacco crop is grown, and you’ll even get to roll your own cigar.


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