These 3 Common Things Are Banned In Bali And Could Result In Hefty Fines

By Kelsey Marie


Bali is the perfect destination for relaxation and renewal. The locals are very friendly and things seem very easy going. What many may not know is there are strict rules stemming from Indonesian culture and politics. For example, the Indonesian government is thinking of implementing a law to jail couples (tourists included) if they engaged in premarital sex

In addition, there are common items that are surprisingly banned in Bali that you should know about so you don’t get caught slippin’. 

Not Having Your Passport With You At All Times

It is an absolute requirement to carry your passport with you at all times. Many travelers feel uncomfortable with carrying their passport everywhere (especially tourist areas where it could get pickpocketed), so instead, you can carry around a printed out copy of your passport. 

If your passport is damaged, there is a chance you could be turned away and sent home. 

In order to enter Indonesia, it is required to have at least six months’ left of validity on your passport. If not, you will be sent home. 

Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills of any kind are banned in Bali. In fact, drugs overall are frowned upon and you can be heavily fined or punished.

If you are traveling with medicine, it is advised to speak with the Indonesian embassy prior to arriving in Bali. 

Also, carry your prescription and doctor’s note with you to avoid any confusion with Indonesian immigration officers.


Gambling is a big no-no in Indonesia. The risks of gambling in Indonesia comes with being fined and being scammed by local criminals. It is known that scammers prey on tourists and you can end up losing big bucks. 

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Kelsey Marie

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