13 Feminist Bookstores Around The World

By Rachel George


Feminist bookstores are more important today than ever, especially in wake of the #MeToo movement. Serving as a healing space for women, feminist bookstores are places where they can use their voices and be heard. These bookstores are filled with likeminded individuals dedicated to protecting their space and organizing social change through literature and complex conversations.

There were an estimated 120 feminist bookstores between the U.S. and Canada in the mid-1990s. However, many have closed.

Here are 13 feminist bookstores around the world still open for business, devoted to supporting women.


Wilmington, NC

Not only a feminist bookstore, Athenian is also a resource center for women, queer and transgender writers. Athenian provides them a safe space to use their platforms and voices to have discussions about race, inclusivity and encourage diversity amongst creatives, customers and others.


Bridgeport, CT

This iconic Bridgeport hub also serves as a vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurant. It is known for hosting feminist writers such as Audre Lorde and her powerful poetry. Try one of their monthly recipes when you visit.


New York, NY

Protect this safe place by adhering to their strict “Safer Space Policy” rules and regulations, respecting everyone’s sexual identity and physical/emotional boundaries without prejudice.


Austin, TX

Check out their monthly calendar of community conversations about topics like “religion for queers” and “building your femininity.”

Cafe con libros

Brooklyn, NY

Two years ago, Panamanian-American owner Kalima DeSuze opened her feminist coffee shop and bookstore, creating a “space explicitly dedicated to the stories of womyn and girls of all identities and, where lovers of said stories can come together to build community.”

Photo Courtesy of Cafe Con Libros

Card Carrying Books & Gifts:

Corning, NY

Shop, eat and mingle during brunch at this independent feminist community spot next month on May 19th. A feminist youth group meets here regularly while reading from the bookstore’s monthly subscription kit, complete with essay collections, a self-help book, poetry and more.  

Charis Books

Atlanta, GA

The country’s oldest feminist bookstore Charis Books has a new location in a house right across from Agnes Scott College, a private, liberal arts college in metro Atlanta. The grand opening takes place on National Independent Bookstore Day, April 27, with an expected appearance by award-winning writer Tayari Jones. She’s a big deal as her most recent book An America Marriage was handpicked for Oprah’s Book Club.

An American Marriage, by Tayari Jones

L’Euguélionne, Feminist Bookstore

Montreal, Canada

L’Euguélionne is the only feminist bookstore in Montreal, named after a feminist character in a sci-fi novel. Each book is donated or on consignment featuring female literature in genres, with special attention on diverse, LGBTQ authors.

Room of One’s Own

Madison, WI

Focused on women’s studies and LGBTQ+ fiction, this independent bookstore hosts community events and weekly discussion groups.

The Second Shelf

London, U.K.

Last year, The Second Shelf bookstore opened as an online, pop-up bookshop full of rare books and rediscovered works by women covering a range of topics, such as suffrage, feminism, history and some unpublished manuscripts.

The Women’s Bookshoph

Auckland, New Zealand

The biggest city in New Zealand has a bookshop that has become a staple in the community for therapy and counseling related books.

Violet Valley Bookstore

Water Valley, Mississippi

An oasis of feminist and LGBTQ-focused new and used books in the deep south, Mississippi. They provide readings and other programs to reflect their multicultural customers and affordable books. Guests come as far as Memphis.

Women and Children First

Chicago, IL

This vibrant, corner bookstore with a royal purple awning opened in 1979, dedicated to women authors like Maya Angelou, Gloria Steinem, Margarate Atwood and more.

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