11 Countries Where The U.S. Dollar Is Stronger And Goes Further

By Rachel George


Saving money while on vacation means knowing where to go, especially when traveling outside of the United States. The currency exchange tends to differ depending on the country, which can affect how much money you spend.


The U.S. dollar is worth 28.39 percent more this year than recent years, but due to the unpredictable acts of politics, the U.S. dollar’s worth has been in question.


As a result of the uptick, however, travelers will get more bang for their buck in other parts of the world. Although these places are thousands of miles away and airfare is not cheap, the experiences are definitely worth it.


Here are 11 places where your dollar is stronger and goes further.



1 USD = 13511.50 IDR



1 USD = 2843.93 COP



1 USD = 357.15 KTZ


Sri Lanka

1 USD = 168.68 LKR



1 USD = 116.22 NP



1 USD = 19.52 ARS



1 USD = 18.52 MXN


Hong Kong

1 USD = 7.81 HKD


Trinidad and Tobago

1 USD = 6.74 TTD



1 USD = 6.34 DKK



1 USD = 6.18 TRY

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