Here Are 10 Ways You Can Navigate Venice, Italy And Avoid The Crowds

By Kelsey Marie


Venice, located in the Veneto region of northern Italy, is known as the “City of Water” and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city has no roads so everyone travels by water through canals. It’s built on 117 islands and is connected by 400 bridges, so there are multiple ways to see Venice by water. 

This alone makes Venice, Italy a tourist hot-spot with about 30,000 tourists exploring the city every day. This romantic city can get pretty crowded, but there are ways around the crowds. 

Here’s how you can navigate Venice without spending all your time waiting in long lines and struggling with crowds.

Take The Gondola At Dusk

You can’t go to Venice and not go on a gondola ride. Going during the day will be most likely filled with tourist but at dusk, the ride will be a lot calmer. The water traffic would have slowed down and you’ll get to enjoy a gondola ride under the city lights and stars. 

Head To St. Mark’s Basilica Early In The Morning

St. Mark’s Basilica opens around 9:45 a.m. so it’s best to head there first thing in the morning. There will be fewer people which means less time waiting in the line.

There Are Multiple Types Of Boats To Ride In Venice

You don’t have to stick to riding the gondola or Vaporetto. Be observant and you’ll start noticing the differences in boats such as market boats, topetta boats, garbage boats…etc. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Lost

As much as Venice is a tourist attraction, it’s also a city with locals going about their daily lives. Spend time wandering down streets and across bridges. Immerse yourself in true Venetian culture and observe the locals.

Book A Guided Visit To Overlook Venice

Most people climb the stairs of the Campanile to get views over Venice. To do this, you’ll spend a lot of time in a line and the stairs are quite narrow and hot. Instead, you can book a guided tour for the Clock Tower (Torre Dell’Orologio).

Hit Up Other Islands In The Lagoon

Most people visit Murano to see the glass-blowing but it’s very touristy and results in exhausting crowds. Other islands worth visiting that aren’t as touristy are Burano, Mazzorbo, or Torcello. 

Head To The Rialto Market In The Morning

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Seeing Venice for the first time was like seeing my True self truly. I was instantly immersed from the very start, immediately drawn in by its otherwordly beauty. I can still recall the feeling as I exited the train station and entered this new reality. I could literally feel my self begin to merge with the transcendant beauty all around. —— I thought to myself that I should take a picture, but I was so transfixed I couldn't, the perfection stopped me in my tracks. The way the sun illuminated the scene and all of us standing in it, and how the San Simeone Piccolo was perfectly framed and delicately centered across the canal. This couldn't really be what I am seeing, could it? But the delicate nature of its green glass dome and the strength of its marble steps assured me that I was really there. —— As my true self beckoned me by its beauty, I couldn’t look away, I had to discover more. I had to know if I could do more than just see, if I could possibly be this version of me, if only for a moment. —— I looked closer at the supporting structures to see if I could pinpoint the magic keeping these palaces afloat. The water caught my eye. It had that sparkly, blueish green tone, the one that makes you want to jump right in. My face must have had a look of wonder painted by the magnificence of what I was seeing, my self’s true nature reflected back at me. —— There is so much to experience in the world, but better yet, there is so much more to be experienced within. I can see now that my true self is not weighed down by the marks of trauma, but transcends in spite, and is made wiser because. Therein lies my most authentic nature, and perhaps, the purpose to my entire existence. —— I thought to myself that this was incredible, how exploring the worlds of others can help me to understand mine. I thought to myself that this was unbelievable, this dream within a dream. But I wasn’t dreaming, I was just finally able to see the limitless beauty in me. 😇✨

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This market is amazing for seeing the Venetian lifestyle. You’ll see an array of fruits and vegetables, fish and locals running errands. 

Stay In A Hotel In Venice

A lot of tourists stay in hotels outside of the city such as in Mestre. It may be more expensive, but you’ll enjoy a less crowded and peaceful environment.

Venture Inside Churches

While getting lost, you may stumble upon churches — go inside of them. You’ll most likely see beautiful works of art sans the crowds. You can also pay a small fee to light up the art. 

Head To Small Bars To Try Small Plates (Cicchetti)

The small bars in Venice are called Bacard and the small plates served are called Cicchetti. Venice is the only place in Italy where you can eat Cicchetti. The small bars will most likely not be crowded. 


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