10 U.S. Destinations That Are Perfect For Black Singles

By Leah Freeman-Haskin


Looking for a destination where you can mix with a vibrant, black community of like-minded singles? Here is a list of some cities around the country where black people are young, educated, and thriving. 

Atlanta, GA

The city known as the capital of Black America has the second largest population of Black people in the U.S. and offers ample opportunities for mingling, dining, and staying entertained in the vibrant downtown area. Home to historic Black universities and more Black industries than anywhere else in the country, you can find affluent, thriving Black people just about everywhere you go here.

New York City, NY

If you are looking for culture and diversity, NYC is the spot. Often rated as the best city for singles, New York has a Black population of over 3 million (the largest in the country), providing no shortage of things to do or people to meet. Not to mention, with one of the most renowned dining and nightlife scenes in the world, staying entertained comes easily.

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Chicago, IL

Chicago is a city with ample opportunities to meet other black singles. From summer music festivals, museums, and an impressive bar and dining scene, it’s easy to mingle all year round. Home to dozens of colleges and universities, Chicago’s young, educated population is also abundant and thriving throughout the city.

Miami, FL

Miami is home to beach culture and provides a great place for black singles to relax, party, and eat well all while overlooking the stunning Eastern coastline. From South Beach to Ocean Drive, you can mix and mingle with the beautiful people of this coastal city day and night.

South Beach, Miami | Wojtek Zagorski | Getty Images


Washington, D.C.

The black population of Washington, D.C. makes up over one-third of the entire population of the city. The nation’s capital draws young, black professionals from all over to establish thriving businesses and successful home lives. A visit to D.C. means ample social opportunities as well as exposure to culture, history, and thriving Black singles.

New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is a great city to visit for the budget-conscious, single traveler. With ample options of free activities including people watching in the French Quarter and live music on just about every corner, you will be constantly entertained within the mix of the city’s iconic culture and its very proud citizens.

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Memphis, TN

With a lively music scene and great southern food, Memphis offers many opportunities for Black singles to connect and stay fully entertained during their stay. Head over to Beale Street for an iconic taste of the local culture, food, and music scene that brings some of the best people watching and mingling in the city.

Beale Street, Memphis | Dan Reynolds | Getty Images


Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is the third fastest-growing major city in the United States and home to a thriving community of young, educated Black professionals. With numerous museums, gardens, historical sites, and dining options, you will have a world of options to choose from. Summertime is also a great time to enjoy the charming coastline and vibrant beach culture.

San Francisco, CA

With impressive sites like the African American Art & Culture Complex and the Museum of the African Diaspora, San Fran has no shortage of cultural and entertainment landmarks bringing together the local, Black community. You can meet other Black singles all over the city while dining at world-renowned restaurants, dancing and enjoying cocktails at one of hundreds of bars and clubs, or taking in the culture at museums, parks, and shopping areas. Oakland,city with a rich Black history, is also an easy car ride away.

Houston, TX

Houston is on the come up as a popular destination for Black singles. Thanks to its diverse and very young population, the city has drawn Black professionals from all over to call this Texas city home. The exciting nightlife scene and numerous attractions and dining options will also give you plenty of opportunities to meet other singles.

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