10 Black-Owned Fitness Apparel Brands

By Rachel George


Believe it or not, what you wear when you workout can sometimes be the difference between you pushing yourself to the limit or doing the bare minimum. When you look good, you feel good and sometimes the right fitness apparel can offer motivation to jumpstart your journey. Gym-goers are looking for original designs, cultural prints, and sports bras that are not only fashionable but also offer high-quality support.

Starting your fitness journey? Shop with these 10 black-owned fitness apparel brands.


In 2016, Kenyan founder Yema Khalif and his wife, Hawi Awash, a native of Ethiopia, sought to educate orphaned children through fashion fitness brand YEMA. Khalif used his personal experience growing up in the largest slum in Africa, Kibera slums and Awash as a refugee in Kenya. 


The Glamourina activewear brand was created to represent culturally conscious women of all skin tones, body shapes, and physical attributes. Their African-inspired leggings were designed to motivate and empower women of color to live a healthy lifestyle. They feature a high-waisted design and super-fine mesh to endure intense workouts.  

Culture Fit 

For and by black women, this globally-inspired activewear never intended to fit in. Boasting matching African print sets like Pink Kente and Blue Ankara and yoga mats, Culture Fit is all about the “culture.” Take a look at their high-rise zig-zag leggings with side cutouts for a sexy look while working out. 

Just Lift, SP Aesthetics Sportswear

Shut up and Just Lift! Founded by fitness professional Simeon Panda, this fitness apparel line pushes motivation, selling t-shirts that say passion, consistency, and “ass to grass” for your squats. You can also maximize your strength performance with Panda’s other fitness inspired apparel line, SP Aesthetics Sportswear. 

Perspectives Yoga Wear

When trying to get in shape, one of the hardest things for women to do is find quality sports bras without the high cost. Enter Perspectives Yoga, serving the D.C metro area and South Florida. Their brand features women’s activewear including hoodies, joggers, tanks, compression leggings. and a variety of asymmetric sports bras. 

Perspectives Yoga Wear | Facebook

Vero Mastodon 

My first introduction into Vero Mastodon came through military veteran and Vero Protege, Stephan and the giant M across his back. Meaning “True,” the fitness lifestyle based apparel line was made popular by the men and women who fought in the military. 

Pru Apparel

Don’t say it, just prove it with Pru Apparel. The brand offers messages of pride and community, fusing together designs from Africa into stylish fitness gear for women. Sets feature Kente cloth and are inspired by African tribes.

Pru Apparel | Facebook

Kemetic Knowledge

Kemetic Knowledge is empowering the Black community by providing ancient knowledge to modern style clothing. Ladies love the Black Goddess bra and leggings sets, which come in red and black. The fitness brand is also building a fitness app which includes workout exercises and other fitness-related tips. 

Dope Fit Chick

The Dope Fit Chick Commandment states as follows, “Dope Fit Chick’s Never Complain, We just get it done.” Founder Sharee Lawson created this dope collective, focused on encouraging women to stay fit and fierce and continue reaching their goals.  Their line features tees, tanks, hats, bottles, and $20 denim jackets.

Dope Fit Chick, LLC

Super Fresh

Super Fresh has a unique way of releasing items. The fitness brand releases their items for a limited time only and once they’re gone they’re gone. They feature unique and playful designs, sayings and fits to make working up a sweat a little less dreadful. Those who download their app get notified of new drops first.

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