WATCH: Adorable Tot Gives Us 7 Tips For Summer Travel

By DeAnna Taylor


Now that school is almost out, parents are planning their travel for the summer. Traveling with little ones can be somewhat of a headache, but this new video is here to help.

Everyone’s favorite tot, Jayde Kamille, is now breaking into the travel scene. The adorable 3-year old recently did a video with American Airlines where she gives parents her tips for traveling with their children over the summer break.

Jayde’s tips go a little something like this:

Pack snacks

In order to keep your tots occupied, always be prepared with snacks. We all know kids love to eat and if you show up on a flight or road trip without something for them to munch on, things can get pretty hectic. According to Jayde, just use your mom’s credit card to purchase snacks on the plane.

Bring your coloring book

What kid doesn’t like to color? Even smaller kids can stay entertained by doodling for a few minutes here and there. Jayde says kids will be able to get their Picasso on with a coloring book.

Don’t forget devices and headphones

Whether it’s an iPad or a general tablet, loading up your kid’s favorite electronic device will allow you to get a few minutes of peace during travel. Jayde reminds us that American Airlines offers inflight entertainment as well as a free trial of Apple Music. Both have kid-friendly options too.

If you don’t want to face a total meltdown, this may be the most important of them all. Don’t forget to pack the headphones. After all, what’s a great movie or video without the sound?

Photo courtesy of American Airlines

Get rest before travel

If kids don’t get the sleep that they need before traveling, someone is bound to have a tantrum. That includes her adorable baby sister, Averi.

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Stay hydrated

Planes tend to have dry air due to the high altitude. Drinking water during your flight is a smart move.

Arrive early

Giving yourself extra time to get you and your little ones prepared to travel is important. It alleviates the stress of feeling rushed and it allows you to prepare your kid for the journey ahead.

Pack extra clothes

You never know when your child may have an accident. Packing extra outfits in your carry-on will help you stay ready for these moments.

Watch the full video below.

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