Uber Rolls Out “Uber Comfort” Giving Passengers More Control Over Their Ride

By Shenae Curry


Uber has been rolling out a plethora of new features in the last year to give customers more options on how they prefer to ride.

Last year, Uber released their *not so safe* option for riders to walk to their driver which received conflicting reviews from riders.

In the past few months, the company hinted at implementing a “quiet mode” as per numerous requests from passengers who prefer to not converse with their driver during their ride and last month they made dreams come true with a catch. The new features, including “Quiet Mode” as well as remote temperature control & luggage help, are only offered to Uber Black users.

Well now in certain cities, Uber is rolling out their new ride option, Uber Comfort.

In a nutshell, Uber Comfort is described to be fancier than Uber X but not as fancy as Uber Black. Uber Comfort, the humbler Uber Black, will feature newer cars, more legroom, and the other features like remote temperature control and the quiet mode feature.

With more options comes a new price point. Riders can expect to pay around 20 to 40 percent more than a typical Uber X trip, according to a spokesperson.

Uber Comfort is now available in 40 cities/states around the nation including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, D.C., Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, as well as in the entire state of Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey.

Check your app to see if it’s offered in your city.

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