This New Tri-State Shopping Mecca Includes A Theme Park And Ski Slope

By Kelsey Marie


There’s a new shopping destination coming to the Tri-State area and please don’t call it a mall.

Opening in East Rutherford, NJ on October 25, the American Dream Epicenter challenges the stereotypical megamall standards. Instead, its a place for entertainment, fashion, and dining.

The 3-million-square-foot complex will include the following:

  • Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park which will have rides and roller coasters for ages 1 and up
  • DreamWorks Waterpark where you can rent a cabana, sip on cocktails, relax on a waterslide and get a tan under its glass roof
  • The first indoor Big Snow ski and snowboard center in the world
  • NHL-sized ice rink
  • Angry Birds-themed 18-hold miniature golf course
  • Aquarium
  • Movie Theater
  • Legoland
Rendering of the Big Snow ski and snowboard center.
Photo courtesy of American Dream
Rendering of the flower court.
Photo courtesy of American Dream.
Rendering of the shopping center at night.
Photo courtesy of American Dream.

The American Dream Epicenter is affiliated with Barney’s New York and Saks Fith Avenue which gives shoppers access to luxury brands such as Moncler, Hermès, and Tiffany & Company.

If you’re hungry after a full day at this megaplex, there are food options everywhere. Hungry shoppers can choose from over 100 dining spots ranging from a Kosher dining hall, a Coca-Cola Eats food hall, a Munchies food space, and 20 full-service restaurants.

The epicenter is only seven miles away from NYC and NJ Transit is helping on strategizing bus options to bring shoppers to this new destination.

If you’re driving, there will be 30,000 parking spaces to ensure everyone has a spot.

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