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Flight Deal: Seoul, South Korea For Less Than $340 Round-Trip

By Parker Diakite


Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a vibrant metropolis city where modern skyscrapers, high-tech subways, and pop culture meet traditional Buddhist temples, palaces, and street markets. 

The city boasts of exciting attractions, shopping, and cuisine that will easily make Seoul an unforgettable destination.

One of the best experiences in Seoul is the Myeongdong shopping center where it’s packed with international fashion brands, luxury department stores, and homegrown cosmetics shops. In addition to shopping, you can take the time to indulge in South Korean staples, including Korean dumplings and ginseng chicken soup.

Another stop on your to-do-list should be Lotte World, which is home to the world’s largest indoor theme park. Here you will find an aquarium, water park, and Seoul Sky where you can see the city’s stunning views from high up.

Right now, you can catch a flight to Seoul for as low as $340 round-trip from various cities across the U.S. Here’s how to book:

From Los Angeles

The cheapest time to travel to Seoul from Los Angeles will be mid-October, according to Skyscanner.

Just plug in Oct. 21 through Oct. 29 as your travel dates. The Xiamen Airlines flight will include a long over in Xiamen, China.

Los Angeles to Seoul, South Korea.

From New York City

Flights to Seoul from New York City are the cheapest in mid-November. Plug the dates Nov. 12 through Nov. 22 in Skyscanner for a round-trip ticket priced at $447. If you plan to use this flight option, keep in mind there’s a long layover in Beijing.

New York City to Seoul, South Korea

From Washington D.C.

Thos of you leaving from the Washington D.C. area to Seoul will find that the cheapest time to fly is in April 2020 for now. Use April 1 through April 8 as your travel dates in Skyscanner to fly for $501 round-trip. Like New York City’s flight, there’s a long layover in.

Washington D.C. to Seoul, South Korea.

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