Rich Nigerians Are Having Pizzas Flown In From London

By Victoria M. Walker


Everyone loves pizza, but some people clearly love it more than others.

Audu Ogbeh, Nigeria’s minister of agriculture, said that wealthy Nigerians were ordering pizzas — but not just pies from a local pizzeria. According to Business Insider, Ogbeh said people were ordering pies from London and having them flown to Nigeria on British Airways flights.

“Do you know, sir, that there are Nigerians who use their cellphones to import pizza from London?” Nigeria’s minister of agriculture told a Senate committee. “Buy in London, they bring it on British Airways in the morning to pick up at the airport.”

“It is a very annoying situation,” he continued, “and we have to move a lot faster in cutting down some of these things.”

The remarks came as the Nigerian government plans to cut down on imports in a bid to stop citizens importing various foods. Ogbeh said that some Nigerians import food because “it shows status, class, that they only eat imported things.”

It’s unclear how much it costs to transport the pizzas via plane. The minister didn’t say who, exactly, had flown pizzas into the country.

Reaction on social media, as only social media users can do,

“Dominos out there like “ after all the buy one get one free” promo we do, y’all still order Pizza from London and get British Airways to deliver it to Nigeria ???,” one user wrote on Twitter.

It’s not clear what pizza was ordered by the Nigerians. London, while known for fish and chips and dreary weather, isn’t known for its Italian cuisine. If the Nigerians wanted good pizza, Air Italy offers non-stop service between Milan and Lagos.

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