Louis Vuitton Exhibit Comes To Beverley Hills Commemorating 160-Year History

By Kelsey Marie


Louis Vuitton is considered to be a classic luxury brand to many. Vuitton founded his fashion house in 1884 and one year later, he received a specific request from a customer to make a bed that they could take anywhere.

After receiving this request, Vuitton began working on this idea and invented a luggage trunk that contained a pop-up cot (which is comparable to beach loungers today) when opened.

This invention provided the most seasoned traveler with a way to get sleep, no matter their geographical location.

The iconic design, which is 134-years-old, is now on display amongst other designs by Louis Vuitton in Beverley Hills, CA.

This exhibit, The Louis Vuitton X, is a celebration of the brands’ 160-year-history.

According to Travel+Leisure, the exhibit is located on the infamous Rodeo Drive and has two complete floors with 10 rooms.

Guests of the exhibit will be able to experience both the mind of designer Louis Vuitton and the brands collaborations throughout the decades.

Upon walking into the exhibit, guests will be welcomed by two enormously sized portraits of a young Louis Vuitton.

The next room will contain never-before-seen personal sketches by Vuitton of his first perfume bottle. The second room is also filled with classic items from the brand’s archives — including original designs for the Stokowski Secretary Desk.

Past collaborations such as Jeff Koons, Yayoi Kusama, Supreme, Mark Jacobs and more are featured in the other rooms.

New collaborations with Urs Fischer, Sam Falls, Alex Israel, Nicholas Hluso, Tschabalala Self and Jonas Wood are being launched throughout the exhibit.

Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton

The new collaborations involve the Louis Vuitton Capucines bag, with all of the collaborators giving their unique, creative spin to it.

Guests can make purchases of the new collaborative bags in the upstairs area of the exhibition.

The Louis Vuitton X exhibit is also Instagrammable, with guests being able to find QR codes on the walls so they can add Louis Vuitton filters to their stories.

This exhibition will be opened from June 28 until September 15 at the 468 North Rodeo Drive building.

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