London Official Opens Up About Being Racially Abused By Two Men On The Train

By Parker Diakite


A London official who was racially abused on the city’s Underground train by men demanding to know where she was born is speaking out.

Counselor Julia Ogiehor, a liberal Democrat representing Muswell Hill, was traveling on a Northern line train over the weekend after having dinner with friends when two men aggressively confronted her on the train.

According to Ogiehor, the men started to verbally attack her unprovoked. They allegedly demanded to know where she was from and said that she was uneducated.

In response to the incident,  the 32-year-old told Hamstead Highgate Express, “You are expecting it.  You have to look down a little bit more so you don’t become a victim.  It can get out hand very quickly. I’m used to being asked that question twice a day. It’s just the norm.”

She told the publication that she initially thought the men were asking for directions, which prompted her to take her headphones off before the men asked about her origins.

“I replied ‘London’ and they said ‘no, you are not.  Where are you actually from?’”

A passenger who heard the commotion asked the counselor to engage with him instead to distract her from the angry men.

When the racial abuse continued, the passenger asked, “why don’t you ask me where I am from?”

The men replied, “we know where you are from […] you’re English.”

Ogiehor was accompanied by two passengers when she exited the Tube to support her.   She called the police and was told that another passenger had also reported the incident.

London Democratic Counselor Julia Ogiehor alleges these men displayed racist behavior towards her on London’s Underground. Twitter | @juliaogiehor

For Julia, she told Hamstead Highgate Express that the incident was all too familiar, explaining that she has previously been called a “monkey” and is used to strangers treating her like an “animal in a petting zoo” when they approach her to touch her hair.

While police investigate the circumstances around the incident, Ogiehor hopes the men will be charged accordingly to the fullest extent of the law.

This racially charged incident comes weeks after a study by the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children found that skin lightening is increasing among black youth in Britain in an effort to avoid racial abuse as the number of rate hate crime against children reached a 3-year high.

The latest research found that police recorded more than 10,000 racially motivated crimes against children between 2017 and 2018.

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