Here Are The Best And Worst Airlines In 2019

By Leah Freeman-Haskin


We are all on the search for affordable air travel, but the quality of your in-flight experience, from hidden fees to overall comfort, can set the tone for your entire trip. Sometimes the extra money may be worth it for a better experience.

MSN has put in work surveying travel and airline experts, researching each airline, and compiling the most recent 2019 customer reviews to rank the top 11 major US-based airlines from worst to best. 

11. Spirit Airlines – This airline is known for its hidden fees, small seats, lost baggage, terrible customer service, and rude attendants, putting them in 11th place for the worst airline on the list.

10. Frontier Airlines – They always have the cheapest rates, making it a very tempting purchase. But this airline takes the tenth place on the list for its long delays, canceled trips, and terrible customer reviews.

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9. Sun Country Airlines – This low-budget airline is low on the list for having tons of hidden fees that could actually cause you to end up spending more money than you would have on a non-budget airline. 

8. American Airlines – Passengers have noted the lack of comfort as their overall complaint with the airline. Small seats and uncomfortable cushions leave people unsatisfied with their experience.

7. Allegiant Air – More than 50 percent of passenger reviews rate this airline as “average” on TripAdvisor putting it around the middle of the list. The no-frills airline offers cramped seats and cheap flights. 

6. Hawaiian Airlines – This airline gets the sixth spot for its excellent service and friendly staff. They also offer amenities that many airlines don’t, such as charging stations and phone holders on every seat.

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5. Southwest Airlines – Not a bad spot for Southwest: a popular choice for budget-friendly travelers. The airline is praised for not having hidden fees and for its great customer service.

4. United Airlines – You may have to pay a little more for this airline, but passengers love United for their variety of food options, an outstanding loyalty program, and excellent in-flight amenities and services. 

3. Delta Air Lines – Delta takes the top three for its on-time departures and often early arrivals. They are also known for having comfortable seats with plenty of legroom.

2. JetBlue Airways – An airline that understands travel comfort, JetBlue comes in 2nd for its free snacks, complimentary shows and movies, and few baggage fees. 

1. Alaska Airlines – According to MSN, more than 80 percent of Alaska Airlines’ customers rate the airline as “very good” or “excellent,” putting it in the number one spot. The overall experience, from booking to landing, seems to be extremely pleasant for most travelers.

[Source: msn.com]

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