American Tourists Go Viral After Starting Co-Ed Brawl At Ritz-Carlton In Aruba

By Sharelle Burt


These American tourists didn’t have the holiday spirit when they started a brawl at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Aruba on Christmas Eve.

A video posted on YouTube shows the thugs yelling, punching and kicking each other in the hotel’s bar area. To date, the video has received close to 250,000 views. “What is going on?” said one woman in the video. Another can be heard yelling “Stop it!” It is still unknown as to how the fight started.

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Someone off camera is yelling ‘Worldstar!’ while some of the men to the right are seen to restraining the vigilantes. A woman in blue approaches, who decides to sucker punch a bald man. When the two tumble in front of the woman, she even tries to kick the man in the back who had thrown her to the side. Behind them, a separate fight started between another man in black and one in pink. Another man in a gray T-shirt decided he wanted in on the action and jumped into that fight. A woman in a black dress attempts to pull them apart.

Some viewers of the video were annoyed that the Ritz let this fight happen. “Shame on them,” one viewer said. “I was in the casino. I still don’t understand why the Ritz had no security there,” another one said.  The person who uploaded the video decided to comment as well, calling the tourist ‘animals.’ “The Arubian people are ashamed to have such American animals as guests on their island,” they said. It may cause the hotel to lose business as another viewer said, “Another hotel I will avoid…”

Random fights at luxury hotels often happen. Last year, a fight broke out between security guards at President Donald Trump’s high-rise hotel in Panama. The February 2018 fight marked the fourth time police were called to the property in a week.

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